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Are you considering a reverse mortgage?

Tom O’Donoghue has been a mortgage lender since 1987 and has been focused on retirement strategies and reverse mortgage planning since 2009.  In early 2012, he decided to focus entirely on retirement planning with the Reverse Mortgage product. He enjoys educating seniors about their reverse mortgage options so they can make an informed decision about enhancing their financial security.


Helping active adults to continue to build their legacies and to impact those around them is Tom’s primary goal, while at the same time reviewing their financial concerns.


“When I hear how my clients are sleeping better at night and enjoying activities once negelected, it makes me feel great."


One of  Tom’s client’s said it best, “I now have the freedom to travel and see old friends and family members that I thought I would be able do, but now with your help and the reverse mortgage, I can.” - Mary Ann B., San Fernando Valley


Impacting seniors and giving them hope along with greater peace of mind is one of Tom’s best trademarks.


Tom simply cares and his hard work and integrity is easy to see the first time you meet him.


As the second youngest of eight children, he has helped his family members through the transition to retirement while mastering the nuances of finances, health and legal balance. He has helped countless seniors throughout his career in the mortgage industry and excels at providing insight and support in achieving their goals.


Tom has lived in the San Fernando Valley since 1967 and enjoys traveling with his wife and four children. He is often found in his woodshop building furniture, picture frames and completing endless “honey-do’s”. He is also an active volunteer and leader in his community.